What shoppers says

Fresh li hing mui and hawaiian manapua! My new favorite oriental market!!!

Brandy Lamontagne

I do like this Asian grocery store. I used to live right behind it for a year or so. Being that it is Vietnamese, they have several things that the other Asian supermarkets on Bellaire do not have.

Matthew Cohen

Vietnamese grocery store has ingredients I can't find elsewhere. It's an old building but they usually keep the store pretty clean.

Samuel Gettman

This is your typical Asian supermarket. It has everything you need from Asia all in one place. The cashier ladies are always friendly and cheerful. The meat guys are also extremely fast. Dude can butcher a whole duck into tiny pieces in less than 20-30 seconds. Amazing!

Anvinh N.

Please do you have a branch Sister location in Atlanta , where we can buy Fish and get it fried before taking it home , i was intrigued when i visited Houston , this is a wonderful service we would love to have in Atlanta GA , Buy Fish , get it cleaned and get it Fried ! Wow


What are your hours? Are you open on Sundays? Thank you.

Connie Narvas

I find this food market has a lot of fresh produce everytime I shop and their roasted pig is the best in Bellaire.


I love exploring in this grocery store. The prices on vegetables and fruit beat American grocery store.

Jacqueline Pratt

The produce here is good and you can explore and try different foods you won't find in your average supermarket. There is a good selection of all fresh produce and meat & seafood.

Samantha B Ngo

Co' Ban' frozen flying fish or Ca' Chuon` from Vietnam hong qui' Vi.?

Thanh Nguyen

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Ted Swanson

This is not really my favorite asian mkt rather my last resort, why because countless times i have purchased items from them which were expired so pls make sure you check anything you buy from them.

Ben San Jose



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